Hi from Ipswich

Just looking to get a drone, possibly DJI mini 2 as I done want too many restrictions. Went out with a friend yesterday who had a DJI mini, I love it.


Welcome to GADC Oliver :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Welcome to GADC, a mini 2 is a good safe option with the new rules coming in 2022 , it’s a awesome little thing and very popular.

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Thanks very much guys. Scotty. Any good tips for me. I’m going to order this week. I’ve got the Nats app to check where I can fly.
The only thing I hate is it seems most members of the public seem to hate drones.

Airdata UAV and UAV forecast are both great free apps and the good2go is a excellent way of checking if you can fly where you want.
Yes there does seem to be a negative opinion of drones but from my limited experience a lot of that is because most people don’t really know much about them other than what the read in the media or have problems with idiots flying without respect or thought , I personally don’t put anything on Facebook or the like and I do make the effort to give a little thought to where I am going to fly before flying . Make good use if you can of early morning around sun rise , the wind is normally less the light and colours are fantastic and most of all most people are sound asleep .
This site is your best friend as there is loads of help and advise here , everybody is More than willing to offer excellent advise from their vast knowledge and experience with drones…
Most of all have fun and enjoy.