Hi from Lincolnshire


Hi Micky​:+1:t2::+1:t2:


No idea what happened there!


Hi Pete. and welcome. :slight_smile: I have been flying for approx 2 whole years now and enjoying every bit of it. Like yourself, I have not flown my Mavic Pro this year, as yet.
Hope you enjoy looking around and the fantastic hobby of Drone flying.
Word of warning. Watch out for all solid objects they will bring your bird down at any opportunity. Safe flying.


Hi Paul, thanks very much! Yeah at the moment I’m having to really try to balance the watching the mavic in the air with the feed on my phone, I find myself flying it around just enjoying learning how to control it and mentally logging what does what and how it reacts to different inputs, and then land it when the battery is spent and think ‘damn it I didn’t take any photos/videos!’ :joy:


one of my golden rules, always start recording before you take off, you can always delete it later.


Cracking idea! Is it possible to pull a frame from videos to use individually?


It is and really easy dependant on the software you use


That’s something then, I’m assuming if I keep the footage fairly slow and smooth I shouldn’t have too many issues finding a sharp(ish) image.


i use VLC Media player on my PC and Laptop, it allows you to take a single frame grab from a 4K video.
Plus its very good in adjusting the colouration of you videos while playing