Hi from Lincolnshire


Hi everyone, I’m Pete, live in Boston -Lincolnshire. Got myself a 2nd hand Mavic Pro. Hardly used it yet due to weather, short days and long working hours but I’ll get there. Hope to meet some of you at some point. :+1:t2:


Hi Pete,
Welcome to our merry band of drone flyers.
I am just down the road (on the bump of England) here in Norfolk.
You have some great flat flying areas around there in Lincolnshire, but, just be wary of the low flying jets that thrash across there from Marham. And of course the bombing range at Holbeach.


Hi Chris, yeah they do like to fly close, usually worse towards Coningsby but they have been known to fly over my area from time to time. I visit Norfolk from time to time, prefer Cromer, sheringham and Yarmouth to the likes of Skegness and Mablethorpe, and my sister lives in Norwich.


well Norwich is where I live !. We have several of our members who are around here and we have fairly regular meets at times.
North Norfolk is great to fly around, just have to be careful where ever you go these days.

You have a few within a hours drive from you, it’s always nice to meet other members and exchange ideas,etc.


Yeah, I’m more of a landscape photographer but I’ve seen a few great shots which I assume must’ve been taken using drones and figured I’d have a go and see if I get the bug for it, if not then it’s something I can whip out every now and then if I ever go anywhere epic.


yup, I agree, I to am a keen photographer, and when I got my first drone some 4 years ago I could see the attraction of aerial photos and video.
I was hooked!, I have taken my drones to many places around the world and it never ceases to amaze me of some of the results I have had.
Must confess I am a Mountains and Lakes man, with the Norwegian Fjords being my favourite place that I have flown.
Just one of my many adventures !!


Crumbs that looks incredible! I doubt I’d be able to make my way there though any time soon with a nearly 3 year old and expecting a baby boy any day now, so I think the most adventurous place I’ll get to is the lake/peak district! :sob:


Hi @Pete and welcome to Grey Arrows!

I’ve only ever been to Boston once, and that was the year before last. The wife and I go camping a lot (well, motorhoming I guess) and we were over in Old Leake a while back. Anywhere near you?

As a towny, three immediate observations about Boston, Lincs…

  1. From the west coast, Boston is bloody far away
  2. It has some absolutely beautiful countryside
  3. It is unbelievably flat!

To put the flatness in to perspective, not only could we see for quite literally miles but we even saw quite a few farm houses with solar panels / heating on the SIDE WALLS of the buildings :scream:

Yup, it was that flat that they can have vertical solar. WTF…


Anyway, lovely part of the world you live in mate :blush:


:joy::laughing::joy:Yeah it’s extremely flat, you can see the Boston Stump from Great Yarmouth on a clear day, and that’s a 2.5/3 hour drive away, but there are bumpier bits as you go north towards Louth.

It’s funny to think someone has driven from the west coast to visit Old Leake! It’s about a 20 min drive from my place, and there’s not a lot there as far as I could tell, apart from as you say the camping site. But it’s about 25-30 mins from Skegness.

I think it’s all relative really, I find the landscapes quite dull in my area, the flatness kills any chance of a decent dramatic image, although the sunsets can be out of this world, and I long for a good mountain range with cloud inversions which I’ll never see by jumping out of bed in the early hours and staying local. Whereas you may find someone with that on their doorstep, and they are only interested in the hustle and bustle of the big cities and the street photography that it provides.


Yeah it was bit of a trek in the old van to say the least. The new van probably wouldn’t even break a sweat, so we’ll be back again for sure :+1:t2:

Which is exactly why we went :blush:

Funnily enough, when we were there we didn’t budge - it was lovely. Next time though we’ll probably venture out for the odd day trip, especially like you say, Skeggy is only up the road :+1:t2:


Welcome Pete, I’m over Yarmouth way so give me a shout if you’re ever this way


Yeah it is quite quiet around that neck of the woods! Nice and green too.


Cheers Paul, I love Yarmouth, like Skegness on steroids! Some lovely fish and chips too, just wish it wasn’t so far away!


Welcome Pete

Can only understand the frustration. The chance will come.


Hello and welcome Pete.


Hi and thanks! :+1:t2:


Hi Pete
Welcome to the Madhouse you’ll be a regular before you know it
Don’t be afraid to join in the banter or ask any question we don’t judge anyone we are here to help one another
My Dads from Burnham market and have been through Lincolnshire for many years mice flat and used to be the place you could open up the throttle a bit before the speed cameras infested the A17


Thanks buddy, yeah there are still a good few decent stretches of tarmac on the 17, it’s more the traffic than anything else now that slows you down.


ya just got to know where the buggers are Jeff !!.
I don’t !


Welcome Pete