Hi from Manchester/Salford

Hey guys, been a member on mavic pilots for a while and Rich told me about this forum. :slight_smile:
Had my mavic since Feb which was my first camera drone!
Practiced with a hubsan h107d for 2 months before i got the mavic just to make sure i didnt crash it haha. Im now also onto a Wizard X220 racing drone and learning FPV which is a whole new world, especially flying in acro mode!

Hi @dancarpy welcome to the Grey Arrows :+1:

I’m wary of dipping in to drone racing as I fear it may be even more addictive than flying the Mavic.

And my wallet hasn’t recovered from this bashing yet lol :smiley:

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Welcome to Grey Arrows, @dancarpy.

Drone racing seems to be getting of a lot of media attention these days. It looks amazing but I’m a little more of a slow and steady kind of guy and, like @PingSpike, suffering from serious GBH of the wallet at present :wink:

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I’m more into freestyle flying with flips and loops etc. The footage that people get is amazing! I know what you mean with the wallet bashing but to start out with goggles and a decent drone it’s Half as expensive as the Mavic. Lol

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