Hi from North Yorkshire

Hope the weather turns out good for your trip

Nice camping trip, but unfortunately the weather was pants so was unable to fly😟

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Thinking of going up to whitby this week end , any ideas of which part to fly from ?

Go early or late, it’s rammed at the moment :frowning:

Cheers was thinking on evening to catch sundown, I hope …:crossed_fingers:

Definitely not the weekend. Probably best before 8and after 8. I had a cycle up there on Tuesday and as previous comment said it was rammed.
Probably best parking near Hawsker and walking the coast path. There’s probably some little spots you could take off from and fly over the cliff away from folk

@HazzarUK posted some great shots from there last week, he can probably offer some current good advice, Harry ?

Cheers guys I appreciate the knowledge . Probably saved me time and effort . Might check out a little further up coast for a little small spots if lucky .

@Storm1uk There is a lovely patch of grass right next to the Abbey. I’ll What3words it. :grinning:

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@Storm1uk You can’t do it by the pier or the promenade, way too many people and seagulls.This is the best location https://w3w.co/rocks.inversion.crunches

Thanks hazzar much appreciated mate probably not a good idea at peak of summer with it been busy and all

Nah honestly you’ll be fine. I went there last Friday when was just as rammed and hot. I parked up at Westcliffs. That view will be from the top of the cliffs so you’ll see all of Whitby, the Abbey and coastline it’s beautiful👍

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Nice one thanks :blush: