Hi from North Yorkshire


Just bought an Air 2 after selling a few still camera lenses that were gathering dust. Went for the air 2 as I wanted small so was easy to carry when out for a days cycling. Sometimes I do wonder if I would have been better with the mini as well it is mini and easier to setup/transport, but some of the stuff I have got with the air 2 I have been really happy with.
Just finishing my first edit, after cropping and adding music along with a few captions explaining what the stuff is. Although I do think it is starting to look more like an advert for the North York Moors.

Will have to look how to add here or on the You tube channel


Hello! I am from Hull :grinning: I was up your way yesterday getting some pictures of Runswick Bay & Whitby.
I too have a MA2, owned it for just over a month now.
Welcome to the forum, you’ll learn alot here.

Hi Mark

Not far away from you in Selby/Goole area, we have quite the Yorkshire contingent and often meet up

Check out and maybe add yourself to the members map

Not a bad bunch really, and always up for any support/advice or just to take the piss out of each other ;o)

Yes, it is a truly stunning area which I live in. I have been browsing here recently and seen some cracking photo’s and videos. What is really nice about having the MA2 or any drone I suppose is is that it really helps with a different perspective in photography. I have always like photography and now it is being taken to another level–Quite literally i suppose, and now videography


Welcome to GADC fella

I think I have just pinned my location on the map.
Funny though, the other day I was over at Filey brigg and was just ready to take off when my son heard a phantom buzzing around. We did have a bit of a laugh about freaking them out by going camera to camera, but decided it was far too risky and would never work anyway unless we both knew what was happening.

Hi, thank you for the warm welcome folks

Welcome. I’m in York. Brother lives in Malton so often that way with the drone.
As Chris said us Yorkshire boys are getting high in numbers and meet regular. Look forward to meeting up at our next meet. :+1::+1:

Hi Mark and welcome to GADC from N. E. Lincs.

Newly found this place also, welcome and look forward to seeing what you make.

Wow there does seem to be quite a lot of dronies up int North.


Hi, I does seem a nice friendly place.

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Don’t worry about the ads for the North no problem its just great to have advice on where to go to shoot interesting stuff. I am from down South and do the same as you go out cycling to shoot video on my mini. I teld to hold up the wife who just wants to cycle. I have been chasing tractors with the mini in the fields picking up crops

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Welcome, looking forward to seeing footage from you.

Thanks. I still haven’t got around to finding out how to upload to You Tube yet, although I did have a quick,look yesterday and it looks like you just log on and then click upload. I would then add a link to my profile on greyarrows I guess. Correct me if i am wrong.

It’s probably going to be next week now as I am away cycle camping for a couple of days :grinning: Taking the Mavic with me so should be interesting.

It’s as simple as that :wink:

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Welcome to the group mate, I am from Middlesbrough, visit Whitby most weeks and have done a few flights in the area.

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Hoping to get a couple of shots tomorrow. Cycling on the Scarborough to Whitby Cinder trail. We’ll see what the turns up

I’m near Howden, East Yorkshire.
Love North Yorkshire and enjoyed filming Robin Hood’s Bay.
Its great on here and the people and help are great.

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Definitely agree. It’s nice to find a forum that helps rather than make you feel stupid.

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