Hi from Peterborough

Hi all,

Taking delivery of my first drone tomorrow. DJI Mini 2. Any tips on this particular drone or flying in general. Done the operators and pilots registration and passed the 40 question test so have a fairly good grasp of the rules and regs etc. Any particularly nice places to fly around Stanground?


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Hi and welcome to GADC

If you haven’t already check out our very own DroneScene for places to fly near you as well as the other info you could need before planning a flight

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I’m trying to find nice places around Peterborough since September, with not much success. :frowning:
Be aware, Nene Park Trust does not permit drone flying in its territories.

However, Stanground Wood looked promising when I went there, I definitely need to go back and check it out in morning light. :slight_smile:

Have fun with your new drone, but don’t forget to stay safe!

I live 30 seconds from Stanground wood, and there is a chap who flies there sometimes. He goes along the river too and gets some spectacular views to be fair.

My usual search for a new location, after DroneScene of course ;o) is Youtube the area and add drone

Looks a nice part of the world, not Yorkshire but nice never the less


It is nice, that’s sure. :slight_smile:

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If you had turned 180 degrees you would see my house! Walk the dog along there every day. Will be my first flight tomorrow I think. Provided the Amazon man comes at a sensible time. Here’s to hoping.

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Hi and welcome.

I’m about 8 miles north of Peterborough, there are some decent areas about, I like to fly Oundle way and there are quite a few byways I ride that are good to fly from :+1:t3: I recommend an O/S map :grin:

Don’t forget as long as you take off from a pubic road or space not controlled by them, then you can over-fly no issues.

Any roads that cross their land, are probably not owned by them.

If in doubt go to Find My Street to see who controls the roads.


Hi, for Mini 2 I would suggest when you have space around to definitely try the Quickshot feature. They produce amazing cinematic videos in cine mode.

About to go for its maiden flight. Surprisingly nervous for some reason.

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Got a solid 30 mins flight in and a few pics too. Was unbelievable how easy it was to fly!


Cheeky drone selfie. Dragged the other half and the dog along!