Hi From Preston, Lancashire

Hi All,

Just joined the site. Bought my DJI Mini 2 back in September 2021. Not had much opportunity to get out with the Mini 2 as I’ve been busy with work and other stuff. Mainly interested in using it for photography and some video. Luckily I have just got a beta copy of Litchi so going to attempt some waypoint flights in the next week or so to see how it works.

Part way through a A2 CofC course so should have that done once I do the exam.

My website can be seen at www.worldinfocus.co.uk only a little bit of drone stuff but plenty of my other photos.


Ian C


Welcome from a nearby Rossendale chap!

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Hi from six junctions further down the M6 :slight_smile:

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Hi from near Junction 6 on the M61.

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Hi from Penwortham :raised_hand:

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Hello and welcome :wave:


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Hi and welcome from Morecambe.

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Have A2 C of C been flying 6 years doing GVC ,alternate between near Tarleton areas and Widnes

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Hi Ian
Just joined the site and very similar situation to you, i live nearby in Warton if you want to share some tips :+1:

Hi Russ,

Great to hear from you. I’m just along the road in Freck. Would be great to share tips and advice. How long you been flying drones.


Hi Ian
Drone arrives tomorrow :rofl: so zero hours flight time but ready to take things really slow and build up my confidance and skills. Would appreciate it if you could give me any locations for training without any red tape?


Hi Russ,

To train your looking at Lytham for the closest but there is only a small area you can fly in cos of Blackpool and Warton ATZ. What drone have you ordered.


Dji mini 2
Got this as it meets the lower class with minimum restrictions.so just need a big park.

Hi Russ,

I have a Mini 2 as well. You can’t just fly it anywhere you need to be aware of all the airfields around here. To see where all the air traffic zones are use the App Drone Assist. Drone Assist will show you the actual ATZ around you.

The area between the red areas is the closest place you can fly around here.

This is where you can fly according to Drobe Assist

The air traffic drones which the DJI app you will use to fly the Mini 2 are incorrect. If you fly near Fairhaven Lake you will be within Blackpool ATZ but the DJI app says its OK. This could land you in court.

The DJI app will not let you take off if you are in a Air Traffic Zone.

Plus the Mini 2 will not do well in high winds, I use UAV forecast App to help with making sure your flying within limits.


We obviously recommend DroneScene

Thanks for this info and i have downloaded this app. Atm o am lookng for the nearest area to do training.

I was looking to pop out and do some flying at the weekend but its looking fairly windy all through the weekend with wind gusts over 30 mph.

Hi, welcome from sunny old Skelmersdale, just down the road. Hope you enjoy your mini 2,thats what I dabbled with first…4 drones later​:rofl:. There a great little drone :+1:

Welcome Ian :+1:

Hi Leylo
Not flown it yet, had it a week and the weather has been too windy, hopefully when i finish work and home after the weekend things will improve.
I keep researching places to fly and :astonished: its a mine field :rofl: