Hi from South Essex

Hi everyone, I’ve had a mavic pro for a few years taking loads of holiday movies but not used it for quite a while. Starting back up flying and getting back up to speed on things. Looking forward to being able to meet up and learn with other users.


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Hi Simon and welcome to GADC. There are a few of us in Essex who get together now and again around the county for a chat and fly. Where are you based?

It’s worth having a look here. All put together by the great guys at GADC


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Hi Phil, I’m in lovely Billericay. will take a look at the link. Cheers

Cool, I’m in Eastwood. Know Billericay well.

Next Essex get together I’ll ping you a message fella.

Sweet. Looking forward to it. TBH it’s that long since i’ve flown i’m going to be like a newbie. Had a few hairy incidents where i lost connection to the drone and had “well, there goes my money” moments. Thanks god for the return to home function.