Hi from St Helens, North West

I’m taking the unconventional approach and introducing myself, having yet to buy my Mavic Air, I guess I’m umming and arring before taking the plunge and looking for some persuasion from GADC members so I can justify my purchase to myself and to my other half that spending the money is completely fine because these people say so! :smiley:

Any recommendations for places to practice around my area would be superb. Preferably somewhere I won’t be beaten or stoned to death for drone flying…



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Hi Ricardo,
I have an air for sale right now! I’m based in the northwest too.
I can confidently say it’s as good as new :blush:

Hi Japester,
I’m not sure if you selling your MA is a good sign or bad ha, how come your selling? i would be interested if you offered a flexible payment plan or buy now pay 12 months :smiley:

Haha! Selling due to being totally stretched at work and far too busy!
I don’t offer flexible plans but you’ll not get a better deal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @rickardo :smiley:

Good to see you here too mate - was just talking to you on the MP site about the A580 East Lancs road :rofl:

I’m in Wigan by the way, literally just down the road from you :+1:

@Japester is a guy that can be trusted - his kit for sale is here:

And for this one:

Check out our interactive map:

Pennington Flash probably is only 20mins from you? Probably best to fly there early in the morning - less people around :+1:

Out of interest @rickardo - how did you find Grey Arrows?

Anyway, if you have any questions there’s a really friendly bunch of people here so don’t worry, you’ll get helped, not flamed!

Give me a shout if and when you get a drone mate, we’ll go for a fly!

Hi PingSpike, thanks for the info!

Yeah, I didn’t even think to look at the buy and sell area ha proper lazy.

Yeah, Wigan isn’t far, I once opened a radio-controlled shop in Wigan, for about a week and then thought nah dont like it! and never bothered. Gave up RC for a few years and now want to get into drones, I will definitely take a look at Pennington Flash, I have never even heard of it :smiley:

Hard work all this forum multitasking!

I can’t remember how I got here mate to be honest, someone mentioned it on the Mavic pilots forum as being a great place so here I am - it might have been you.

Thanks again for the help and advice

I’m also not far away from you in Runcorn. there are quite a few of us in the NW on this forum :slight_smile:

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