Hi from sunny leeds


Ok i’m lying it’s raining

Hi all, thank god i found a uk forum, anyways i have a mavic pro soon to be replaced with the M2P with smart controler should be here soon i hope, so the Mavic can fly to a new home lol, very keen photographer so thought would take it up a level so to speak.

Hope to pick brains for advice if that’s ok, fingers crossed we will get good weather soon

Cheers Mick


Looking forward to seeing places to fly around your area. Drive that way now and then.


Hi @raider64 welcome. I’m a newbie round here so just wanted to say hi and loads of guys on here with good advice. Have fun mate


Hi Mick,
Great to have a liar aboard who starts as he means to go on !.
Joking aside, a Big Welcome from one of the boys of GADC.
You are in the best place in the UK for advice and banter, with some extremely knowledgeable
people who are more than willing to help !.
Please ask away with your questions, someone will almost certainly give you an answer.
P.S. It’s pissing down here again !


Welcome from a sunny Wiltshire. I mean of course that it is dark and raining again. :wink:


Welcome Mick @raider64
Plenty of places for us to fly up here in sunny Yorkshire, just need to stay away from Leeds/Bradford INTERNATIONAL airport
We just need the sun to stop shining up here as much, makes the screen difficult to see.


Alright Mick, no need to rub it in !


Hi and welcome to GADC @raider64 :wave:


Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m in the flight path for LBA lol,

places to fly i noticed a link on another site clicked it and found you lot.

Looking forward to getting back into flying the mavic again(long story), going to try and get in touch with someone at Kirkstall abbey, see if it’s ok to fly there?

Right have to go dig the sun cream out, scorching not here mind but somewhere i’m sure :sunglasses:


Welcome @raider64 to the forum from a fellow Loiner, now exiled in North Yorks.

Lots of places within an hour of you to go fly ;o)


Leeds Bradford INTERNATIONAL!!! Crikey, They’ve elevated themselves a bit.
Anyway, as an ex Bratfud (Bradford) lad. Welcome to THE premier drone club and the absolute friendliest.


Hi Mick @raider64
Welcome to the mad house most of the patients have already welcomed you so that one less to worry about…
Live in Gods country Lancashire so not to far away


Oh, thanks for cheering me up Jeff


Is that why you keep coming over that hill…


Hello and welcome.