Hi from Taverham, Norfolk

Hi all,

I’ve just ordered my first “proper” drone (a Mavic Mini), and to help distract me from constantly refreshing the delivery tracker I thought I’d sign up and introduce myself.

I’m based in Taverham, which is to the west of Norwich. Any advice on good places to fly locally or general tips for new flyers?



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Welcome Rudy

@chrisjohnbaker is your man and not far from you, he’ll be along soon to say hi.

Good choice on the mini, cracking little drone

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Hi Rusty.

Second that. It’s a good drone. Funny thing is, it does tend to be my “go to drone” now. They are just so tiny you can put the box in the door pocket of the car or even throw it in your bag when you go for a walk.


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Welcome Rusty. I’m not too far from you in Suffolk. There are some good places listed in Norfolk on the ‘where to fly’ section.

All the best. Joe


Hi Rusty from a fellow Norwich Drone nerd!.
I am from Eaton just across the City from you.
A lot of people who are local tend to fly in Earlham Park , down towards the river end.
@scottydog is not far from you (Hevingham) and has just a week or so back got himself a Mini.
I gather from conversations I have had with him, that he is having a ball with it !.
When things are a little more relaxed I will try and arrange a meet up for all the newer members and one or two of the Norfolk regulars as well.
If you need any help at all, just ask, and I will try to help you where I can.

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Thanks all, very much appreciated. I’ve been twitching over the “Buy” button for a while now, so I’m looking forward to getting airborne and putting the Mini through its paces!

Very much open to a meet up once something resembling normal service has resumed…


@rustybarnet When is your new baby due to arrive?.

Hi rusty, welcome to the best place ever for drone advise , loads of help and advise on here with loads of helpful members , you will love it here and you are going to the the magic mini

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We have some great spaces around Norfolk in which to fly.


Even the Broads Authority allow you to fly, if you are sensible when you fly around the area.
I have a spot right in the middle of Halvergate Marshes, nothing for a mile in any direction ( part from a very old Windmill).
Remember also the you can fly the beaches of Norfolk ( best done at Low Tide ) when there is plenty of sand !.

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It should be here on Friday if the delivery gods are smiling on me. Sadly I’m then working until Tuesday, so won’t have a chance to give it a proper run out for a few days…

Thanks for the information on the Broads. I bet there’s some great footage to be had out there.

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Here is my YouTube Channel, feel free to comment and subscribe.


It arrived this afternoon. Now impatiently waiting for the battery to fully charge. Bit of a watched pot never boils situation at the moment…


Welcome Rustybarnet,
Good to have you on the site.

Chris is a great guy to meet up with, as I have heard he is up for ‘Member of the month’, once they make that a proper badge.

I would certainly endorse that as he has helped me no end! :innocent:

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Welcome from another local. Hope to catch up for a fly soon :+1:

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I’ve also got a mini and looking for spots to fly if anyone is going out over the next few days.

The marshes and boards are good , also a lot of the villages around Norwich have heath land where you can get some autumn colours, just need the weather to improve but there are often some lovely sun rises but the sun has been missing from Norfolk of late lol .