Hi from the Isle of Man

Thanks for the join, we’re not actually part of the UK here but just across the water and I fly in the UK from time to time. I’ve been using drones for aerial photography since 2014 and put a lot of my pictures onto my website www.islandimages.im I’m particularly interested these days in shooting 360 panoramas and host them at Kuula. You guys probably all know this, but the IOM has its own CAA and drone regulations, which are much simpler that the UK or EU ones!


Welcome to the club Jon, Quick glance at your website and you have some stunning photos. :+1:

Hi Jon - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you! I only found out about the club this morning when I looked at ‘Ian in London’s’ YouTube video and it seemed such a great idea. I’m just working on some 360s I shot in Lanzarote in October and the start of November, they are going in the October page: Island Images 2021 Gallery 10 Octoberr