Hi from the Notts/Derbyshire border

I have had a phantom 4 for about 3 years but not flown for about 18 months due to various thing but going out again hopefully in the next few days and hope to post a few older picture and videos soon.


Welcome to the group, enjoy :+1:

Hi and welcome, hope you still enjoy the flying and you get some nice weather.

Welcome! There are a couple of us localish to you. Keep us posted of any “Safe” places you find to fly…


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We have a border between Notts/Derby?
I’d better get a passport then.
Seriously tho. Welcome to the greatest and friendliest club in the universe.
You’ve got some lovely places to fly around their. Hope to see some photos when it stops raining

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Hi and welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing what you capture. It’d be nice to share any interesting locations you visit. I’m in North Derby, Heanor area.

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Welcome to the site .
I live in Clay Cross Derbyshire .

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Hi, I think we’re about 16 miles apart, not that far. If ever you fancy meeting up at a place to fly please let me know It’d be great to chat about some good places to fly and discuss any problems etc. Cheers Steve

Will do .
I have some great places you may find interesting .

@shane9377 Clay cross ? wow thats a stones throw from our family farm,Ashover,Matlock!!fancy a flight or two at some stage?

Haha .
I work just down the road from Ashover at Darwin Forest .
I sometimes call in at Ashover Rock and get some in .
Great place to fly . I can meet around 5:30 Mon . Tues , Weds , Fri and Sundays . as i pass it going back home every day .

Sounds like a plan. Anyone free next week? :frowning: Been up Ashover Rock a couple of times now after seeing it on You Tube but it was windy when I got there both times. Cheers Steve

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Have you thought anymore about a meet at Ashover sometime?

A belated welcome @Digbypatch :+1:t2:

Did you get to fly in the end mate??

Hi, Not properly only got in the air for about a couple of minutes. Wouldn’t mind going again though, I’m about 20mins from Ashover. Was hoping to get out there Wednesday 3rd July about 5:30ish if anyones interested.

Got it with me today . Going to drop off around 5 :15 after work

Can do weds as wll

Wednesday would be great for me. I’ll be at Ashover Rock for 5:15 all being well. See you there looking forward to catching up. Cheers Steve

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See you then