Hi from Thornton

Hi from Thornton near Blackpool

Bought my first drone last year ( Mavic Air ) but managed to write it off after only 4 months when I clipped a tree and it landed in Lancaster Canal :frowning: Replaced it with an Air 2, and also recently bought a Mini 2


Welcome @MartG1960 Sorry to hear about your Air… ouch… but welcome to the Air 2 Owners Club :slight_smile:

How are you getting on with the Mini 2 (my next likely purchase too)

Love it, though not too happy with the latest app update which replaced the direction indicator ( very useful to know what direction the drone is in ) with a less useable compass icon.

Welcome Martin to GADC

I know what you mean! Not as easy to see.

Welcome Martin :ok_hand:
Glyn from Anchorsholme :grinning:
Great bunch here :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Hi Glyn
Sorry for not responding earlier, there was some sort of glitch preventing me from posting
I’ve flown along the beach near you several times :slight_smile:


No worries Martin :ok_hand:
Great to have someone nearby, give us a shout if you fancy getting out buddy :ok_hand: