Hi from West Lothian

Hi I’m Kenny, recently bought a Mavic Air, so far I’ve onky flown round the garden in a practice flight. Looking forward to getting out and about with more soon.


Hi Kenny, welcome to the forum.

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Welcome, Kenny. Great to have you with us. Hope you’re liking your Mavic Air. Don’t forget to ask any questions you may have, GADC has a lot of experienced pilots in its ranks.

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Hi Kenny, Im fae Fife… I have a MP… and i am rubbish @ Editing…lol but doesnt stop me flying…I just have too much going on to concentrate on learning another software package…


Hi @kenny.j and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Is this your first drone? How are you finding it?

Weather seems to be our biggest issue at the moment eh?

Yeah, first drone. Wanted to get something good enough that I wouldn’t need to change as soon as I start to get into it, without going too overboard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still only had the one flight round the garden, when the weathers good I always seem to have other stuff on and when I’m free the weathers crap! The joys of living in Scotland :joy: