Hi I'm from Sheffield

Hi guys, I have been flying drones for about 2 years now, still learning, still trying to improve as I know I can be much better. Any way I fly the Mavic Pro and absolutely love it, best drone I have ever had, I was a phantom guy, Had the P4 then the Spark and now the Mavic Pro. What drone. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photo’s and videos.


Welcome to the real site …
I fly the Mavic Pro and live in Chesterfield … Been at it for a few years like you and been through the range .
No desire to let my Pro go . Great bit of kit …


Hello and welcome.

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Hi Shane, If you fancy a fly sometime then let me know, I don’t work so can fly anytime of the week.

Hello and thank you :slight_smile:

Will do . Got some good places to fly here …

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Nice one, Where abouts buddy?

Hi and welcome Shane.

Not me mate . Been on here for a while . It’s PixiesChannel1 that’s just joined …

Just around where i live . Got a castle and a few solar farms an old farm house and a old derelict Hall .

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Would love to fly at those locations, You will have to send me the directions to them :slight_smile:

Will give you a shout a couple of days before i go. Then we could meet up …

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That be good mate.

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Hi Christopher,
Brilliant forum to follow with amazing pics and sound advice!

I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks mate, Yeah it’s looking quite good mate, Thanks for the welcome.