Hi I'm new to the forum - Bolton

Hi lady and gents
I’m new to the group and wanted to know how many people are from Bolton. As would be nice to meet up with some flyer. Below are a few shots I took just before lockdown


Hi Gaz @Dronieuk

Lots of members in the north west, we had bit of a meetup at Anglezark back in September - always up for another one :+1:t2:

Hello and welcome.

:+1::+1::+1:especially when the lockdown is over.

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Hey up from across the border in Gods own County of Yorkshire.

@sparkman999, is in your neck of the woods and a good guy and always up for a fly when this shit is all over


Cool the pic I posted is at the back of my house I’m glad we have open land at the back the guys next door on both side in fact the whole street love my drone so there cool with a take off and landing the all want a aerial shot if there gardens when all this is over

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Welcome from another in Gods own County, enjoy the group :+1:

So next meet up is your back garden lol @milkmanchris would we need passports? :rofl:

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Stop over at @mickydd’s house, he’s almost on the border and can offer advice on vaccinations etc ;o)


im in bhreightmet , would be nice to meet when its over

Hi Gary and welcome to GADC from sunny Lincolnshire.

@stevelyt Defo pal

Hi Gary,
Not too far from Bolton would be great to meet when this is all over.

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Im from Atherton not far from Bolton. Ive only got a Mavic Mini but definitely up for meeting when the lockdown is over.

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Welcome to GADC from a locked down Suffolk!

Welcome to the forum Gary,

Nice picture!