Hi just got into Drones - Blidworth, Notts

Hoping to find some flying spots in Blidworth area.
Any recommendations appreciated.
I passed my Drone pilots test yesterday for the Bayang Typhoon X16 .750 GMS
Also have SG900-S.

Hi and welcome to GADC, lots of members in your neck of the woods, some will be around very soon I’m sure.

Enjoy your stay with us, any questions don’t be affraid to ask

Check out DroneScene for places to fly near you

Thanks for the welcome retired last year .
Other interests are Archery ,fly fishing, spoon carving and green wood working.
Hopefully will be able to fly the drone when the club shoots distance targets 180 yards away where arrows reach a height of 30 to 40ft in the air.

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You do know that the original Loxley bloke, like me was Yorkshire lad ;o)

So I’ve been told lol.
Not getting into that one .
My family originated from Loxley village Staffordshire

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Also have 2 motorcycles so follow me may get a try out.
I bought both drones recently won on ebay.
So have about £100 in it so far .
I have a Campark go pro clone for the bike so will try and use it on the Typhoon X16 once I have made a mount for it.
Watching a lot of u tube trying to pick up a few tips.

Welcome to GADC.


Welcome Ian

Hi Ian and welcome to GADC.