Hi - just joined - from Crawley in West Sussex

Hi everybody, just joined. I’m from near Crawley in West Sussex and have 2 Sparks and a new Mavic Pro Platinum. I fly every week with my buddy from Croydon who has a Spark, A Phantom 4 and A Mavic 2 Zoom.
Had a few crashes each, but have always jumped inthe car and recovered them…so far!!


Hi @goonz and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Bloody hell mate, how far away did you crash?! :rofl:

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usually between half a km and 3km. Always pilot error though. :grinning:

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Hi and welcome along

Had to replace any arms yet…? Maybe we should have an arm replacement badge @OzoneVibe? I’m currently on 3 with my Mavic pro…:mechanical_leg: don’t let the FPV guys in on this competition as they’d wipe the floor…)

No i’ve not had to replace an parts as yet…but there’s still time. I did crash my mates Phantom 4 cos i was arsing about chasing him and crashed it into his house and cracked the lense. Had to do the decent thing and pay for it! :wink:

Mental note…

Add @goonz to the list of people who aren’t allowed to fly my drones :warning:


pmsl…this was BEFORE i bought my first drone.

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Welcome Ian,
You only need a few more birds for a squadron.

I hope you enjoy the forum!

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