Hi new mavic pro pilot here from potsmouth ,hamsphire u.k

Just a quick hello here from a newbie pilot who has yet to launch!! got all my apps installed and batteries charged,really looking forward to first flight ,but am very worried that i could lose my mavic,lol.
ps big thanks to PINGSPIKE, For sending me an invite…

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Hi there @FIREFOX and welcome to the Grey Arrows :smiley:

I was just like that on my maiden flight!

I’d read so many horror stories, seen so many YouTube videos of flights gone wrong… I needn’t have worried though, these are incredible bits of kit :+1:

Couple of tips for your first flight, I’m sure other people will add a few more:

  1. Don’t do it on a windy day!
  2. Allow plenty of time, don’t rush (there’s no need)
  3. Either fly alone, or fly with someone who has already flown (you need to concentrate)
  4. Use the Beginner Mode!! It’s really good, I spent my first five or six flights in beginner mode until I was brave enough to exit it :blush:
  5. Shut your gob… My first flight, I stood there in absolute awe, with my mouth wide open, at what I was witnessing… I WAS FLYING!!! I probably looked a right pillock :rofl:
  6. Watch some (ie. lots) of YouTube videos. Check out a guy called FlytPath and also our good friend @ianinlondon - they both have great channels offering solid, impartial advice :smiley:

Welcome once again Tony :+1:

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Welcome aboard, when are you going for your maiden do you think? This weekend?

I’m not so far away along the coast in Bournemouth


I had the fear when first started flying. It passes quickly as your confidence in yourself and bird grows.
MP is a great quad.

Hi Andy,hopefully ,this weekend,weather permitting! Will defo set on beginner mode for first few flights,if i get any footage ,i wiil upload here. Please,dont laugh at my first attempt,I can easily do that myself,lol.ps your not too far away,maybe we could meet up for a flight or two?

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Good stuff I promise not to laugh probably will be better than my efforts!
Drop me a message if you fancy meeting up, I sometimes fly at Beaulieu (you would need a permit to fly there) otherwise various parks, on the beach etc.

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We won’t laugh, we’ve all been there at some point :+1:

I left the gimbal dome cover on my first few flights and couldn’t understand why I had this weird lens effect in all my photos :thinking: :blush: