Hi team, newbee Hampshire

Just a few lines to say hi to everyone, my name is ade, i live in Hampshire and (try to) pilot my Lidl XL GPS drone, I used to fly hellis, EDF’s and planks so helloooooooo


Welcome to the group Ade :+1:

Cheers bud

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Welcome to the group , you will love it here

Welcome to the club Ade, is a great place to be :handshake:

Welcome to the group.

Hi Ade and welcome to GADC.

Hi Ade, Phil from Bournemouth here, welcome to GADC

Cheers for the welcome, I’m currently flying a Lidl XL GPS drone, not a bad piece of kit, great camera for both video and stills

Welcome and enjoy!

I can’t get mine to work, the control doesn’t seem to communicate with the drone are there supposed to be lights on the controller when I switch it in