High Wind velocity

Hi Guys, just a quick question, i know we been having bad weather and all that, but the slighest bit of breeze and the high wind velocity warning comes up on my mavic. I automatically shit myself and bring it back. Should i be worried when this warning comes up ?

I get it a lot. It’s more an advisory so you take wind into consideration with your flight.

If it’s windy I put the mavic up 50m and see if it holds position. In normal mode with OA on I fly into wind and see what kind of speed I get. If I’m not making any headway that’s normally my cue to call it a day.

Biggest tip for flying in wind is always try fly into it and the return part with a tail wind.

Always have multiple flight modes enabled so you can jump into sport mode for a speed boost if struggling.


Just ignore it let common sense prevail :thinking:


Thanks for the tips Callum :+1:t3:

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I usually check the wind speed and fly my Spark low say 30m and with in 100m for a few minutes to see the impact of the wind.
I have successfully managed upto about 35mph guests. One thing you have to be careful is fly it in a nice clear area without obstruction ie trees, building etc.

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