Hill forts


Good plan


Thanks for that. I’ll have a browse.




Yes Dave, Anything like a leaflet would suffice, something is better than nothing at all !.
It’s always better for us to have some sort of “Official” documentation that comes from a recognised source.
They tend to look on you a little more amiably.
Our biggest problem I see, is being able to identify the Landowner, etc to ask for permission to fly.
This is where Members Local knowledge of the area is invaluable !.


HOW MANY, Chuffing eck


OK, I’ll design a leaflet and put it online here first for your feedback. Thanks


Better get them batteries charged Brian


Good idea David
It’s all in the wording


It’s a great idea having a sub section, lists face it, we mostly like archaeology and it’s our own history. There is a hill at Skipsea near Hornsea in East Yorkshire which used to have a castle on it, might be worth a fly round purely out of interest if anyone is in the area…and it stops raining.


Na!, we’ll have it done in a week !.. year…decade…:rofl:
That’s only about 7 each member ?


I like your enthusiasm Chris


This rubbish weather shouldn’t be a hindrance if we are only flying 30 to 40 ft off the ground should it?


I like to cover all bases Jeff !!


The trouble with that is it maybe quite a low wind speed on the deck, but, it may well be 20 mph at 40 feet !.
I would quite happily fly in 20 mph winds, and have done so as well, many times !


Private message the leaflet to me ,or @callum to approve, and he will update it to be included in our “GADC Information Pack” on the “Members Only” Page.
That way it can be readily available to the Members of GADC.


Hi Chris, Is this a private message?


Click on @chrisjohnbaker then click on Message.
That will enable you to send a private message


Ooo get you the tec support :wink:


I know, I hope I gave the correct answer.
Will be a mod soon


Better watch what I say then…