Hill forts


I like this concept, using my MP for good rather than Evil

whats other thoughts on it,
I see @ping.spike commented on it on the Mavic Pilots website

Old Drone Sprog from Staffordshire

Good idea for a future challenge … first to take drone pics of all 4,147. :wink:

Joking aside … wow, that’s a lot! Didn’t know there were that many.


I think it would make a great challenge and help out somebody who needs it.
it would validate your flying as in people moaning why you are flying , you can tell them this if for serious archaeological purposes


It’s be good if they had a map of places they need photos and videos for, so people knew where to head :+1:


So many are either English Heritage or NT … there’s already a bit of an issue.
I wonder if this scheme will negotiate blanket permissions to all Hillforts? :wink:


they have an interactive map on their website similar to our where to fly map.


good point Dave
I will email the guy who is running it to see what he recommends / thinks.


I read that as “which of the 4,147 do they need photos” … because they must already have photos of 1 or 2 of these? :wink:


well I am sending him a link to this forum to respond to your very questions.
cheers guys.


Interesting. I was flying over Maiden Castle just last week! I definitely have a few questions. Give them a poke Paul!

I’d be interested in the kind of footage they are looking for. The stuff I pulled together doesn’t seem to fit nicely into their proforma from what I’ve seen - I aimed more for what’s good cinemagraphically, rather than ‘fly over North to South’. Also, that place is so massive you can’t get a plan view in a single shot - it’s huge! Apparently it’s the size of 50+ football pitches. I couldn’t get the whole thing in the camera’s field of view even from 120m up and 600m away.


Thanks Russell
All poked now, looking forward to this.


Just had a brief stroll with my index and forefinger on google maps.
You are not wrong, it looks bigger than Heathrow airport


It was my childhood playground. I lived in Dorchester in my teens.
It’s huge!


Would i be right in saying I am fraternising with suvverners?


Is it any where near Yeovil?


20 miles south of Yeovil. Used to go to Yeovil swimming baths with the school … Dorchester didn’t have one.


“Fraternising” might be overstating it. LOL! :wink:


Yeah I had a butchers, saw it was powered by Esri too…

Couldn’t see a way to view just the areas that need our attention though :smiley:


Thought it sounded familiar.
I had a contract at Augusta Westlands in Yeovil a few years ago.
I had to mix with people who sounded like pirates


Nah - around there they sound like The Wurzles. :+1: