HMS Tyne entering and leaving Plymouth

HMS Tyne has been up and down the river several times today, presumably for training/exercise purposes.
I do like the paint scheme on these ships.
Mavic3 @7x zoom


Do you need permission to film them or don’t they mind as long as you keep well clear?

7x zoom = not very close. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the problem when you see the whole world through the lens of 2x zoom Mini 3 Pro :laughing:

Even that’s a show-off over the original MP … that is my drone. :wink:

Just checked on Google maps and the distance from the ship was about 360 to 400mtr.
At that distance I don’t think the drone would be noticed by eye unless it was actually being looked for and even then it wouldn’t be easy. I struggle some times and I know where it is! LOL

Short video showing the full digital zoom of the 7x lens.

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