Hodge Close Quarry-Little Langdale

Hodge Close Quarry is a massive excavation of light green coloured slate, sheer-sided and unfenced, with an original worked depth from ground level of about 100m (300 feet).


It’s not getting the kit down it getting the kit back up again after


Stunning location, great footage

That ladder Was a nightmare, Tanks everything came that way for us. 15 L and a real so didn’t venture too far into the chambers. Dived it regular though Including quite a few night dives…

If you came down the ladder followed it to the left there was a small cave with a 12 foot drop stride entry came out in a little puddle by the crane and jetty.

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Hi, nice video :+1: :clap:
Did you mean to show your CAA FLY- registration to the world?
Personally I’m paranoid (I know my failings) about the activists ‘harvesting’ numbers, sticking them on loads of cheap ‘toys’ and flying them in to Heathrow.
What are other members views on this?
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you cover your VRN too ;o)

Vehicle registration number

I was there back in May - I tried flying down into the quarry, but almost immediately started getting interference, presumably from all of the abandoned metal mine equipment, so came straight back out again!

If you go further along the path, you are rewarded with some stunning views into Little Langdale.


Resurrect the idea of a GADC calender for 2021
Think about it in October… :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest I think you’ve got more chance of having your car reg cloned.

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A real quality photo was that taken from the air or the ground

50 or so feet up as I recall.