Hollinshead Hall Ruins & The Well House

The hall ruins we see today are from 1776 when John Hollinshead built a new house on the site. It had previously been home to a large farmhouse, dating from over hundred years earlier. This was mostly demolished, making way for the new hall and probably the well house too.

The Well House, the least ruined part of Hollinshead Hall, Tockholes, according to local rumour, is associated with mysterious powers. Hollinshead Holy Well has a vague reputation of being haunted and also that its very pure water is good for eye troubles.

Hollinshead Hall is referred to in Twycross’ Mansions of England (1846), where the well-house is mentioned, said to have been formerly called ‘Thee Holy Spring’, and visited by pilgrims who came for the water.

Although not much of the original house is left today, you can still see the well-preserved remains of the hall’s well house. It’s a rather imposing building with metal bars at the windows and, even though you can’t go inside, you can still take a peek at the interior.


Nicely done Paul - I enjoyed that :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you kindly John - and yeah, I walked around the site to see where I wanted to go and decided on what I liked about the layout, then I kept to it as best I could to get the final effort recorded how I saw it like a journey (same as I had to “journey” through the Pigeon Tower video).