Holystone & Opehlia go app

Hi, i am having trouble getting my Holystone 720e linked to the Ophelia Go app. Any suggestions welcome.
Must admit Holystone are trying to help.

What happens when you try?

It just will not link to the app.
I was asked by Holystone if i had had a crash. Well i did but it seemed ok.
I am nearly giving up. Must admit i havent had much luck maybe another drone?

I had a 720E and it was nothing but trouble, it drifted away and crashed. I was sent a replacement which was no better and that kept disconnecting from the phone. you could try the M RC Pro app
It may be better. After HS replaced my drone they did not want to know, they just kept offering me discount on buying another 720e!! I gave up and bought myself a DJI mini 3 Pro, it outstrips the HS in every respect and does so much more


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You might have dislodged one of the connections for the wifi, or broken the antenna. You probably wouldn’t be able to see the break if it’s on the board.

I am in contact with holystone, lets see what they say. Sadly its out of warranty but they said not to worry. If i have any issues i will try an alternative.

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