Home too the Clooney family Sonning eye Oxfordshire

Out today looking for estates & POI , home to George Clooney & his family in stunning surroundings .


Brings back memories…

I was trying to get some photos of Sonning bridge with my Phantom 4 (before current regulations), when this woman appeared from a gate in the wall by the river (the other side to George’s place). “you can’t fly here - George Cluney lives here!”, “I’m going to call the police!” and all the usual paranoid stuff. I wasn’t actually aware that he lived nearby at the time - not that would have made any difference to my photographing the bridge.

Seemed more interested in name-dropping, to be honest. Probably my only hostile confrontation to date. Police never showed, of course, probably because she didn’t call them.

I had confrontation at what sounds like the same house / people by the bridge ?
I was comming home from work one day and we had a megaphone in the van , my work mate pmsl was playing up all day , long story short he was on the megaphone telling the owner / owners your dog can’t s### on the grass !
Bloke came marching up towards the van I was praying the lights went green at the bridge there :person_facepalming:t2: it was rush hour and they didn’t :smile:

The bloke walks up to the van and says to my mate what did you say sorry I can’t hear you , my mate said would you like me to get back on the megaphone it’s one of those ones you had to be there was funny at the time , he played up all day with that :person_facepalming:t2: armed response armed response everyone get indoors surprised we didn’t get nicked , sorry for the SA sorry it was a different confrontation but Sonning is full of Karen & Ken’s :smile::rofl: