Homemade Long Range Antenna

I found this interesting. A homemade long range antenna made with pretty basic materials. Has anyone else tried making their own antenna and if so how successful was it?

@Nidge over to you :+1:t2: :rofl:

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Hi Steve
I did consider it briefly but considering how cheap they are vs the value of my time, I just bought one :smiley:

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Thanks Steve, yeah I was more surprised that you can actually make a decent antenna :smiley:

Ya Bugger!

At one time it was really the only way to get good quality antennas specific for FPV. The theory behind the construction is sound and they do work well.

But as @Steviegeek says, by the time you’ve obtained the parts needed, plus the cost and time to build, it needs to be a labour of love these days with the proliferation of over the counter / mouse click ready made alternatives now available relatively cheaply.


I will add in my modest limited knowledge, that helicals are more suited to trackers. You’d have to wave your head about I reckon to keep a long range link.


Yep, very directional, more so than a patch, Auto antenna trackers are the thing to use for real long range with 7 or 11 element YAGI’s on them.


I’ve been quite surprised at how directional some of the patch antennas I have are. This time of year the area around my club’s strip is surrounded by some tall grass. When I’ve had the misfortune to make an unscheduled landing in this long grass I’ve used the tracking feature of my goggles with a patch antenna to locate the lost model and it’s very, very effective. Every time it’s provided a straight path to the model.

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