Hoo Marina

Having fun learning to fly my DJI Mini2. I’m also enjoying editing the footage too. Though I would share my recent outing to Hoo in Kent. This is my 4th video now and feel I’m starting to improve now.
Always happy to receive any improvements you can think of.
Many Thanks


Please let me know which software is use for editing thanks

Hi. Currently using my phone on an app called ‘Inshot’.

You’d think someone would get around to tidying that up a bit, I mean, it’s not as if they are deep below the ocean… Having said that however, nice video… I need to get out with my drone again soon. Bought he original mini back in Feb 2020 and we al know what happened. Hardly flew it at all, then sold the original Mini and got myself the Mini 2. Fantastic little drone, but then Mum went into hospital in April, came home end of July, went back in August and passed away in September. So been a **** couple of years to be honest… 2022 I am determined to get out with the drone a lot more. For now however, it’s waiting and waiting and waiting for Grant of Probate… There I was thinking 2020 was the worst ever, then 2021 and it beat 2020 hands down… Waiting for all the Christmas lights in the area to be put up and maybe I’ll send the drone up and get some night time shots. Got myself some tiny lights for it a while back (and yes the drone is still below 250g)… Not done any night time flights yet, so should be fun

Yes it certaintly been a tough year or so. That’s one of the reasons I got the drone was to give myself something to do to take my mind of everything around me.

Great video and nice choice of b/g music. I liked your choice of framing the clip. Consider starting a new frame on a major music beat, it makes it more punchy. Also dissolve frames to make the video nice and smooth. Well done though. Happy flying!

Great. Many Thanks.

A very pleasant video. :+1: