Hornsea Lake Side Lodges

Enjoying our time in a nice and relaxing location. Taken with consent of landowner with the condition of not flying over the cabins for privacy of people in their hot tubs.


A couple of good winter storms and they’ll be in the sea.
Great photo’s though.

Great photos looks a nice place to fly

Just tried a night shot, I don think it came out too bad.

Think I need to get a starlight filter for these occasions.


What is this magic you speak of 1983 ?

Showing my age now :crazy_face:

I’ve still got one, in fact I’ve got loads of the old Hoya and Cokin filters from my film photography days. Sadly they don’t fit onto DSLR’s.

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Who could forget ‘Graduated Tobacco’

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I thought that was a pub wall covering colour from the 80s

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