Horsham Town Centre

Friends of mine live in Horsham Town Centre and managed to get an interesting pano. If not a little dark. Any tips on how to to fix this and do to prevent it happening?


Plenty of scope for editing the original image you uploaded to lighten the ground parts of the TinyPlanet.

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I considered that but was worried about it affecting the overall pano will have a play and re do.

Is there some setting I could change to prevent it happening next time?

The setting would be the exposure … but when you have bright sky and dark-ish ground, getting it correct is never easy.

As long as you keep the size of the 2:1 image (the one you uploaded to Kuula), adjusting the brightness in Photoshop (or similar) and carefully done, it will still look OK when uploaded to Kuula.

I reckon even just using the “lighten shadows” function (in whichever software you use) will make a significant improvement.

Thank you for your help. Will have a play.

Had a play think they came out OK. Thank you @OzoneVibe


Indeed. Looking far better.

One can play with these things forever! LOL

And, of course, so much is subjective.

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Indeed I feel its one of those trial and error type things as long as you’re not working on the original file you can make as many mistakes as you want/need.

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Added the Asteroid Boy Badge to your profile as well. :+1:

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