House fly. Avata style

I was bored one Saturday. It’d been raining, couldn’t be bothered going outdoors. Sooooo, when I’m bored I get curious…this time it was ‘can I fly through our house top to bottom with the Avata’…
But their won’t be any GPS signal :scream:.
Give it a shot anyway…
I also got curious with Resolve and decided to stylize it because I was bored and got curious after my flight :rofl:. Plus it hid the true nature of the kids bedrooms​:grin:
Got the flight in 1 hit, second go.

Ps. Gotta admit the Resolve effect doesn’t look as good on a phone as it does the TV. Ahh well can’t win em all.


That’s the way all estate agents should do ‘shows’ to perspective buyers…yeah right!
You’re fucking brave my friend.

Nar, brave would have been flying while the missus was in​:rofl::rofl:

The Avata does quite well indoors, all you got to watch out for is what type of surface your taking off from and the lighting.

Oh dear…
What have you done…
Now I am probably going to give it a go and smash up the place… lol

Haha, go for it!

One thing I would say is don’t launch it on any glossy floor like laminate. You won’t be working off GPS you’ll be using the positional sensors.

When testing out launching indoors for the first time, make sure you know what button kills your props, you may have to any it in settings. That way if you launch and the Avata starts going west straight away, either kill the motors or land it instantly. You WON’T recover from a dodgy launch😱.

Set your RTH to hover, other wise your Avata will stiick to the ceiling if anything goes wrong​:rofl:. I made that mistake :flushed:.

Also one last tip, try flying from outside to inside instead of launching from inside if you get me, it seems more stable like that🤷‍♂️

You’ll notice a lot of differences flying indoors, but one thing you’ll notice is the updraft off objects your flying over.

That’s it enjoy, go wreck the place! :rofl:

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