How do I bind a Crocodile 7 PRO to a Taranis Frsky?

I have absolutely no idea how to start flying this thing.

I bought it two years ago, and still haven’t been able to fly it. I shouldn’t have bought it…

Anyway, I bought it with Frsky R9mm/XM+

The taranis is configured, how do I bind the drone to the taranis?

please, thank you

@Earwig is your guy :+1:t2: :rofl: he’s an expert with FRSky now :grin:

These days, always start with YouTube.

But be aware of,

This firmware issue took me ages to discover and resolve and finally get bound to my Crocodile Baby.

Oscar Liang is also an invaluable source.

How to bind Frsky Receivers to Taranis? - Oscar Liang.

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Yeah, and everyone else will tell you to just switch to TBS Crossfire. :grin:

They’re actually right, but you can make FrSky work, honest, and you probably don’t want to be switching out hardware on your very first quad.

By the way, 7-incher for your first drone. Respect. :slight_smile:

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Means no messing and no worries about failsafe as you’ll never failsafe again :grin:

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Although, thinking about it, I ended up removing the FrSky receiver in order to flash the firmware, so if you don’t mind the extra £120-ish for the Crossfire starter kit you may as well just do that and be done with it.

See, I’m a convert.:rofl:

I’m definitely no expert on frsky but don’t you need an R9 module to link with an R9 receiver? :thinking:

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crossfire, what would I need to purchase?

what else? or not this?

That should be all. Looks like no-one has one at the minute though. If you only have one drone you could try and find the Micro TX module and Nano RX (and Immortal T antenna) separately.

By the way, where are you located?

Depends what radio he’s plugging it into? He might need a nano TX depending on the size of his module bay.

What model taranis have you got @errtu ?

Although I don’t know much about FRSky radios so they might all be Micro sized :man_shrugging:t2:

Good point

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I have this radio

Looks like it takes the Micro sized module but I can’t find any info to confirm it

Yeah the photo is definately a micro sized bay. Take the cover off the bat and post a photo for us if still not sure