How do I connect my drone to my WiFi?

Wow what a learning curve droning is…Quick question on wifi. I have home wifi and mobile hotspot in my lists. I can fast transfer photos via the drones wifi. The question is how do I connect to Drone wifi to put on my list ? I can find it but it asks me for a password…I may have forgotten it, it doesn’t respond to the usual suspects.

I have a feeling you couldn’t, far as I know the only 2 ways to transfer files is a) with the phone tethered to the controller via the usb cable or b) by taking the memory card fed into a usb adaptor to your laptop / pc.

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Thank you. Every little piece of the jigsaw helps…

Found this on DJI website give it a try Alan

Also this straight out the manual

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You can connect the controller with a screen to home wifi or mobile hotspot but as far as the drone is concerned I believe you can only connect for the quick transfer (with your mobile and the DJi fly app).

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Thanks to everybody who has helped me with this question. I’m happy now. The drone world has opened up a massive new direction in photography…maybe video (which has never interested me) every day is a school day.