How do you process your HDR images on iOS?

Just wondering how everyone processes HDR images?

I’m currently using Affinity Photo on iPad to merge the 3 bracketed photos together and then edit the image but I really don’t like it.
I much prefer Lightroom on iPad but not you can’t merge the photos in there so I’m thinking do I merge in Affinty then import into Lightroom

Are there any other apps that can merge images?

Got the impression that @sgeary was looking for an iOS solution.

Yeah I am :grinning:

Title updated to avoid any (more :wink:) confusion. :+1:

I used to use Affinity Photo same as you but found that whenever I tried to do any kind of HDR merge everything ended up looking really washed out whatever I tried. Not sure whether you’re seeing the same thing or not?

Unfortunately the only solution I’ve found was to merge exactly the same photos using Lightroom on my MacBook - with vastly superior results. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything else to do it with on iOS.

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Yeah I’m finding that also. I can massively improve the photo in Lightroom after. So I merge them in Afinity and edit best I can then export as a jpeg and import in to Lightroom and do final edits in there.

Annoying you can merge on Mac etc but you can’t do it on iPad!