How far away a DJI Mini 2 can fly to a residential, recreational etc area?

Hi all,

New to the drone world, so please bear with me.

I have my registration and also flyers ID.

Just after some clarification regarding flying areas. I have the mini 2 and watched many videos on YouTube and trying to understand my limits regarding flying areas for this class of drone as I’m still not 100% sure even after reading the CAA aircraft code.

Can someone please confirm how far away a mini 2 can fly to a residential, recreational etc area? Is it 150 metres or less? Can it fly over towns? I’m still trying to understand and dont want to get into trouble if I attempt at some point in the future.

Many thanks in advance fellow flyers.

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Our very own question led tool


Thanks Chris.

I took the quiz and got my results attached. Is this correct as its telling me I could fly in towns, villages etc and there is not really a minimum distance from buildings to fly which I thought was 50 metres :man_shrugging:t3:

Apologises for questions I’m still learning the dos and don’ts.

Thanks again

Lots of info, and we have a great search engine on here

Or loads of videos on youtube


Great thanks, will take a look later :+1:

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Have you registered as an operator and a flyer? Two different registers. Once you have worked your way through the rules and regulations a few times, you will start to make sense of it all. You can sign up to COPTRZ for the free course and take the course for a qualification if you want to get more involved.

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Yes, it’s correct. Since January the regulations only specify distances from uninvolved person, not from structures, vehicles etc (although obviously they may contain uninvolved persons). And for the Mini 2, there are no separation distances at all.

That doesn’t mean you can fly as close as you want to people, though. Everything about your flight still needs to be safe.

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The mini 2 is small enough not to be restricted by the new drone legacy rules. You can fly in towns and close to uninvolved people.

Just ask yourself, if someone flew their drone near me or my family or close to my property, would I be concerned… Use that as a guide and then just follow the drone code.

These regs would have been covered when you did your registration for flyer and operator.

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Hi all and thanks for replies.

I did go through everything on the websites but just wanted to hear from others so again for peace of mind thanks for info.

I 100% respect the code and will abide by it and defo and wont be flying into random gardens etc and see what’s on the BBQ :grinning:

But having soooo much fun with it atm and I’m lucky to be surrounded by large beautiful field areas to get my practise in and get some great images and footage and I’m getting the hang of it and my mates are impressed with the footage I’ve recorded so far.

Thanks again and happy flying.

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I’ve been flying various stuff since 1965. This site is a wealth of knowledge and no one judges you. Don’t restrict yourself too much, or the fun can stop. I work on the principles, that sometimes I need to be rigid in my flying. Sometimes I need to apply common sense. Enjoy.

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Many thanks for advice and defo having fun whilst respecting the rules at the same time :+1:


I’m going to be pedantic just for the benefit of anybody who might find this thread on a search later… if you’re in the A3 category then there are regulations on distances: no flight within 150m (horizontally) of residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas.

But yes, the original question was on the Mini2 which has no separation distances (just don’t fly over crowds).

(end of pedantry)

100% this.


Hi @JoeC thanks again for confirmation, I literally just started to fly at the time of the time and basically in simple terms just needed to know what i can/cannot do. I’ve learnt alot from this and also from hours of YT I’m a more confident flyer now but still learn something new every day. I’m now concentrating on filters to ensure I capture my footage/images with out over exposure which I’ve done alot at first :man_facepalming: but getting there and just purchased a set of Freewell filters to play with when they arrive :hugs:

Thanks again for replying, hoping this will also help newbies understand abit more if they also read this thread.

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Every day is a school day in UAV world.