How much weight can a Mavic 2 lift?

Well, I kept my Mavic Zoom, after ending the eBay listing with a few hours to go. I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, even though I needed the money. Bought my new hearing aids on a credit card, along with a programmer. Now I’m a DIY audiologist!

Anyway, regardless of that, it occurred to me that we often want to do water samples from around our disgusting fish farms so why not use it for some heavy lifting. Question 1. How much weight has anyone lifted with a Mavic 2? Question 2, any ideas about making a water sampling rig that will dip in then shut and capture maybe 100ml water?

I did try flying with a long stick dangling a thin rope to get a larger rope over the house roof once, but it all went tits up when it started a rythmic oscillation and I nearly lost the lot. I figure a thin dyneema string with a small container should be fine.

Obviously, I’ll do it in baby steps over the field before I venture over water.

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This drives me insane when people do this :pensive:


I get that. Those earlier MP/M2P have become part of our collective DNA.

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Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone try anything like this here, but you could quite easily do some trial and error in your garden.

This answers your first question, the Mavic 2 won’t even notice 100g extra weight (the water).

Why not just attach a 100ml container? (beaker, test tube, kinda thing?) :thinking:

The M2 has about the same lifting capability as the MP.

I know I’ve “delivered a bottle of beer” to someone. :rofl:

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How heavy a payload for the bottle + liquid Dave? I’m guessing that it didn’t even break a sweat?

A glass 100ml beaker might be better than a plastic one, it’d dip in to the water easier.

That said, you could always go for a 200ml or more, because if you fill a 100ml to the brim you’re gonna lose some of that 100ml on the way back.

If you’ve got a cheap padding pool Andrew, this too could be tested in the safety of your back garden first :slight_smile:

Some time ago. Wouldn’t want to try much more … as I recall.

Of course … I may experiment in the next few days. :smiling_imp:

Not very scientific but this guy lifts @ 1.15kg

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Another video that might help:


I know. I felt really shitty doing it. I shouldn’t have listed it in the first place.

I’m going to try that first but often, when you drop something like that it doesn’t sink. I suppose I could weight it on one side so it tips. I’ll go for a pint. 500ml, 0.5kg plus container.

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I’ve got plenty of dinghies Rich, I’ll fill one of them.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Love it. I hope you didn’t drop it from a great height.

At least you can put it on a shelf when it’s days are over. Unlike the old Flamewheel 450!

Why not build a drone specific for the job rather than risk your Mavic?

Or alternatively source an older drone with greater lifting capacity. I very recently picked up a 3DR Iris Plus off eBay for £35. This included the 9Channel FrSky transmitter, batteries, battery charger, spare unused props.

Other options could include a Phantom 1, Blade 350Qx, and other similar drones from that time period, that can be had for very little money. They all have GPS and RTL, use readily available and cheap batteries, have greater lifting capacity than a Mavic, and can be easily modified to actually land on the water while you take your sample so there’s no need to have any weight swinging around below the drone.

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@ash2020 perhaps consider a drop facility in case things go wrong you can dump the load

You’re no longer allowed to drop anything from a UAV no? (Sorry UAS)

This looks like something you could replicate …

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I sort of agree. Even though it’s illegal to drop anything from a drone, it could be a failsafe if no-one’s around and it means saving the drone.

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