How the Mavic 2 Pro handles strong winds

Last year I compared how the Air and the original Mavic Pro cope with strong winds. The way the Mavic Pro limits the pitch to ensure the collision avoidance sensors keep working is good, but in doing so limits the speed, meaning the Air is very much better than the Pro when faced with strong winds in the default settings.
So last week when we had some very windy days, I put the Mavic 2 Pro up to see what steps it takes to handle strong winds.
Bottom line is that it follows in the Air’s footsteps and does pretty well, disabling the sensors and letting it fly with a very steep pitch to maintain speed.
And here’s what happens:
Cheers, Ian


Great Video of the Mavic 2 Pro’s capabilities Ian, many thanks from a fellow M2P owner.
Keep up the great work on the Channel/Forum.