How to cancel/mute Mini 2 - 20% battery alert? (DJI MINI 2)

As many of you will have experienced, the remote of the DJI Mini 2 sounds a very loud warning sound once the battery hits 20%. This is of course a good warning but the very loud sound gets quite stressful after a few moments, particularly when flying in a public setting.

In the DJI Mini 2 manual it states that the first battery alert of the controller can be cancelled by pressing the power button (see screenshot, DJI Mini2 User Manual v1.2 page 31).

This doesn’t seem to work for me though, no matter how/how often I press the power button (long, twice, hold etc.) the 20% battery warning continues to sound. I also tried pressing the pause button but that doesn’t seem to do the trick either.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I doing anything wrong?

If you have Drone Hacks, you can change the value of a parameter to disable the 20%, but not the 10% one.

The parameter can be found by selecting the Hack Parameters tab > Advanced Settings and search for:


Change this from 20 to any value below 10, click on Save Parameter, and then Write Parameters. At that point, the 20% battery level warning will be no more.


Thank you @clinkadink, I indeed saw that suggestion somewhere.

Does that mean that the option to cancel the alert that is mentioned in the DJI manual is potentially outdate and not available anymore in the current software package?

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Perhaps, I have never tried it, so cannot say if it works or not.

Just wondering - would changing the drone/controller software, have any influence on the DJI warranty?

I sent my damaged Mini 2 back to DJI, with many changed parameters from Drone Hacks still on it. 2 days later, DJI had delivered a new Mini 2 to me. So for that reason, I can safely say no :wink:


That’s good to know :smiley:

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I think they have worded it wrong

What I think they mean is the RTH can be cancelled but the alert can not, but at 5% neither can be cancelled, I think :grinning:

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You are making a very good point here @Sparkyws. The formulation is a bit ambiguous but after reading it again they do indeed seem to mean that the automatic return can be cancelled (at least between 6% to 15%) but you cant cancel the alert.

The general response beeper on my Eachine E58 controller was annoyingly loud, so I opened it up and simply added a resistor in series with the beeper to quieten it, plus an LED (& resistor) in parallel, sticking up through the case front to give a visual indication.

EASY, take the remote apart a stick a piece or two of masking tape over the annoying buzzer

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