How to disable DroneID on DJI drones (for free) inc. Mini 2, Mini 3, Mavic, Air, 2S, etc - using CIA Jeep Doors

Want to disable DroneID on your DJI Aircraft?

Then look no further.

Two years since Steve’s last video :scream:

Enjoy :blush:

Some caveats with this manual method…

DJI Fly on iOS will re-enable it :roll_eyes:

Some newer firmwares will have already blocked this method :roll_eyes:



Those that know, know :wink:


If anyone comes across a list, please share it here.



Another reason to use @group-android Not @group-ios :grinning:

Has anyone yet run this script?

I have it ready to go but not sure if to apply it, is DJI AeroScope used in the U/K?


Isn’t there another platform ( software) to disable your info which is all good with iOS , I think someone mentioned it the other day , I’ve not tried this yet but would like to hide my s&&t if I can !

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Yes, very much so.

Most international airports have one, as does every police force that has a drone fleet. It’s how they catch all the DJI owners at horse racing events, festivals and other temporary flight restriction zones.

One particular force even drive around with it turned on in their unmarked drone pickup truck looking for random pilots to quiz. Proactive eh.

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Which county should I best avoid?

Lincolnshire, Avon and Somerset, West Yorkshire, Sussex, Devon and Cornwall and West Midlands.

Probably others :confused:


Done :+1:


We need this for iOS ( damn ) :scream::smile::smile::smile:

That’s me stuffed in the south west :joy:

Big counties however with a lot of fields…

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GUI has been created :+1:


It just gets easier and easier eh :smiley:


Just tested it works perfectly and it’s free :grinning:

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@Sparkyws new to all this ethical hacking😎 Is this for iOS? If instructions please. TIA

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If you go back and read the first post it does say it won’t work if you are using an ios device as it will re-enable it


Dude… come on… there’s a video of instructions in the first post :rofl:

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@PingSpike @Sparkyws the way I was reading the post is yes works for android got that, then talking about iOS then later I must have miss read the post as a fix for IOS.
I used to be on android then went to the dark side :green_apple: my mistake.
See look how the post goes