How to fly to the same position using dji go 4

Is there anyway to save an exact position on dji go 4 so the drone can fly back to the exact same spot? E.g save the coordinates or save a pin on the map???
Help appreciated

I’d simply suggest that this is so simple using Litchi that I wouldn’t even bother trying with Go4 (though, I’ll confess to never having use the recent Waypoints features in Go4).

You can also set camera direction and angle to take exactly the same pics at each visit.

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Thanks Ozonevibe however i don’t currently have Litchi…

presumably you can save a route somehow then?

The waypoints feature in GO4 allows you to save the exact points for repeat-ability.
However with DJI GO4 you have to fly there first to save the position(s).
The great thing about LITCHI is that you can plot your mission beforehand on the App, (even do it on your PC/Laptop from the warmth of your home before you venture out to fly)
For your original question I’d say that GO4 will give you what you need, But it’s worth thinking about getting LITCHI, It’s seriously good, they often have price offers I think I paid about $25, a bargain :+1::+1:
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I would also recommend Litchi. In comparison to the cost of the aircraft it is a small expense but is a great piece of software. Not only can you return to a waypoint but with missions of up to 99 waypoints, each defined by height, position, direction speed, camera angle and direction and potential action at that point you can replicate entire missions.

I have flown a 1.6km mission in different wind conditions and the time difference was a matter of a couple of seconds, total daistance was differnet by 3 metres.

Plus you can sit at your desktop on a crappy flying day, plan missions and export them to google earth to see them in simulated 3D from the camera, not the aircraft, point of view. Then go out on the first decent day after and fly the same , already checked out, mission.


Probably one of the best purchases you can get for your drone.

Litchi usually do 40% off for black Friday.

If your thinking of purchasing, might be worth keeping an eye out for the sale.


You’re probably picking up a theme here … and honestly, we aren’t all on commission from Litchi! :wink:


Is it worth getting on Black Friday on the off chance that they add Mavic Mini to their list?

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This was posted on a other forum and looks like Litchi will support it if DJI release the SDK.

Bit of a gamble, would’nt like to say either way.

Litchi Support (VC Technology Ltd)
31 Oct, 02:59 GMT


At this time we don’t know if DJI will add support for the Mavic mini in the DJI development kit (not to be confused with DJI Go/DJI Fly).
If and when DJI does add support for this new drone model, then we will add support in Litchi. It is too early to tell when this will happen, it can take weeks or months, it mostly depends on DJI at this point.

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They did say this when the MP and then the M2P was first released but it was quickly added.

(Another vote from me and the greatness of Litchi)


I use Litchi on the Mavic Pro and Inspire for every single flight now. It’s just hassle free.

Can’t remember when I last used GO4 for any flights.

So yeah, another Litchi vote here :blush:


True… but there are some settings that are not accessible in LITCHI so on a rare occasion I do connect using GO4
It’s not a big deal, still love LITCHI :heart:
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Share with the class ?

Immediate thought is the PID changes for when you fit the propellor guards
Can’t recall exactly what the other settings but I’ll compile a list over next few days