How to get DJI Go 4 to save everything to the SD card

I guess the question is in the title, I’m using android, I have looked into the general settings in the app and there is the option “Cache to SD Card”, I have switched this on so will it now save everything on the SD card. There is already a DJI folder that has a dji.go.v4 folder and at the moment there is only a DJI_RECORD folder with one .info file and an mp4 file which plays ok, which I recorded with the MP.

So is there anything else I need to do to use the SD card as opposed to the internal memory.


The only cautionary word I’d offer, speed.
SD Card slots in a phone are (nearly) always slower than internal memory, whatever the theoretical maximum speed of the card you insert.
So, depending on your phone’s ability to write to the SD Card fast enough, it should be fine.
The only way to find out if to use it and try.

Are you wanting to record your full resolution video to the sd card on the phone as that’s not possible, or am I miss understanding the question.

The full resolution stills and video files are recorded to the SD card on the MP itself. This is not what I was asking about.

It is all the stuff that is stored in the internal memory of the tab I use for flying with that I wanted to go on the SD card in the tab, looking through the files there doesn’t seem to be anything that needs to be written superfast.

Was I right about selecting the option “Cache to SD Card” for all that stuff to be sent to the SD card.

Yes cache to sd card.

Thanks for that, I guess I could move all the stuff in the internal memory to the SD card as well, flight records and the such.