How to install DJI fly app apk file from pc to phone help please

Fly app no longer on google play so downloaded direct from DJI to pc as an APK file. Any help as to how to get this from my pc onto my new phone greatly appreciated…

Dropbox, Google Drive usually work for me when I’m putting stuff on my Kindle Fire Thing (needs must sometimes)

Use your phone to download it

You can use this link to download older versions

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If you plug your phone into your PC it should be recognised as an external storage device, and you can just copy it across. But @Sparkyws suggestion is the easiest.

If after doing one of the above and you get a message along the lines of not being able to install from unknown sources, there is the option to disable this in your phone’s settings.


Thanks for the tips guys ,fly app now successfully on new phone ! (note to self do NOT DROP your 3 months old galaxy phone off the side of a boat !!!) :cry: :scream:

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