How to NOT crash your precious drone

Helpful video - from a Brit to boot - that neatly rounds up all the most common ways you can crash or lose your drone. Useful for newbies and experienced flyers alike.


Thanks for this upload, I think it will be useful to lots of members. I remember watching this guy when he failed to take into account the wind direction and pressed the RTH button - her refers to it at 5:13 on this video. This is also a lesson he learned which would benefit others.

Yes, lost his Mavic over a cliff in Dover, if I recall. Painful video to watch.

That’s the one - painful to watch :scream:

This is his Dover loss video :disappointed_relieved:

Oh I do feel for him

I watched this a few weeks ago before I got my Mavic and did feel for the guy. Having watched it for the second time Am i right in thinking after he landed Would it be the right thing to do is shut off the return to home and return to controller option after landing? Not looking at the app at this time of the morning I’m not sure if you can turn them both off :blush:

If you land, the drone won’t take off again on its own if you then turn off / disconnect the controller.

Or will it :thinking:

I might try that one day to see what it does.

If ever I was in a situation where I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it back I’d land somewhere and make as many visual references as I could. I’d then start running towards that point as fast as my legs would carry me lol :smiley:

But yes, I’d turn off the controller too, without even thinking about what the drone might then do :open_mouth: I’d assume it’d stay put, where I landed it.

I’d be absolutely amazed if it then started the props on its own and took off, heading for the RTH point!

Lol well you go first then. :grin: May try it out myself this week. Always good to know hey.

Thinking about it I think once it’s down it’s down but what do I know?? I’m just a rookie.

Yeah, I agree, once the props are stopped there’s no way they’d just start up again on their own? Would they… :thinking:

:thinking: Na :grin: So the guy that lost his drone couldn’t of touched down. it must of hovered just above the ground waiting for him to pull down fully on the stick to land and shut it off. Must of left it still hovering right? But he did say he held the stick down 3 seconds to land.
Fook knows. :grin:

I think that’s exactly what happened :frowning: