How to root your DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 using DUMLRacer and completely remove NFZ


When Go4 4.2.16 was released, the release notes made me fear this could be DJI bolting things down … so rolled back the app to 4.2.14.


Hi , again, can’t seem able to download the Dji assistant 2v1.1.2?
Outdoor you point me in the right direction please.


Download from here @jimvfrmoto750 -


Hi, I’m also having the “No device found” problem on both my drones :frowning:
Under what category in Device Manager should the drones be located, and what name should it be?


I want to say a BIG thank you. Using your utility and information I was able to successfully remove the NFZ file. After performing all of your suggested steps I still had some issues. I am now running the latest firmware on both controller and drone and have no NFZ issues.


Hi @Mizzou and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Thanks for taking the time to sign up and reply, I’m glad the guide helped :smiley:

It’s 9+ months old now though so it’s possible some things have changed re later firmwares.

Can you share your experiences of the issues you encountered? :+1:t2:


Be glad to. I first went directly by your instructions. No luck. After getting the files deleted from the drone I did a restore to factory setting on both the controller and the drone. Still no luck. I basically had given up. So I decided to upgrade firmware to latest version on both controller and drone. And I’ll be damned - problem solved.


Glad it was an easy fix - thanks for the update!


Do you know if this method of removing NFZs is Litchi friendly?

Whilst I went the other method, and turned NFZs off … which works fine with Go4 … Litchi won’t play ball in my garden.

I’m guessing Litchi has it’s own NFZs … to prevent a mission being initiated that flies into one (never tried to see what happens with that one) … and ignores the onboard NFZ info.

Of course - even with Go4, the Controller still mentions that I’m in an NFZ … but I could still fly.


This method removes the NFZ database in its entirety. So assuming Litchi doesn’t run its own NFZ database in the app, then you’ll never see so much as a warning :+1:t2:

I’m not up to speed with Litch and a quick Google didn’t reveal anything but it doesn’t look like it has a NFZ database? I certainly don’t recall ever being asked to update one anyway?

This method will also prevent your controller thinking it’s in an NFZ too :slightly_smiling_face:


It seemed strange that Go4 would happily fly in the NFZ, but Litchi wouldn’t … which suggests Litchi is getting it’s information a different way.


Ahh … perhaps this is my answer …


I wonder how they are supporting it? Their own database, I’d assume.
Might roll back to the previous version and see what changes.

Other than I’m on Android … and that doesn’t seem to feature in their android release info.


Hello ,
First thanks a lot for all the research and support : )
Im trying to apply this method to a Phantom 4 , It all goes well to race 1 ,
but when it said that race 2 has started , it keep hanging without any progress .
have try it like 5 times already .
What can I do to fix it ?

Thx a lot in Advance !!
Regards .


The Phantom 4 has firmware version 01.02.0503

Thx again .


Can’t help you, personally, since I didn’t use this method.


Hello OzoneVibe , thx for your reply : )
Do you know another method that I can use to
unlock NFZ on the phantom 4 ?
I also tryed DUMLdoreV3 , but no luck .
when I type the command using adb , shell.exe
is not found : (
Any advice ?


What are you using pc or mac ?


Hello EagleVista ,

Im using windows pc .
have tryed with windows 7 .


Hello Again , I already try with Windows 10 pro ,
and the same results , no luck : (
seems I cant root this Phantom 4 .