How to root your DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 using DUMLRacer and completely remove NFZ


Have you tried something as simple as another cable?

I have no issues on the Macbook, but whenever I use windows its very finicky, and I always have to resort to one usb lead that works.

Might be worth just running a virtual machine on the PC with just Assistant and the bits you need, see if its anything else thats clashing (thats what I do)


Excellent idea! Why didn’t I think of that back then?? Spent bloody hours debugging Windows and mucking about with security polices, firewalls and all sorts of nonsense. Still didn’t work…

Could have setup a clean VM in under an hour :roll_eyes:


When there was the free upgrade from Win7 to Win10, I managed to use a genuine install into a Win7 VM to get a genuine Win10 VM.
Once the “machine ID” was registered to the VM, I could then do a clean install of Win10 to a VM.
Every so often I update that clean VM with all the updates, and then clone that for actual use.
So I can have a “genuine” clean Win10 VM up and running as soon as it copies about 25GB. :wink:


I hate windows , more to the point the faffing every update or new bit of software entails so I run lots of virtual machines. It’s also saved me lots of ball ache when the kids install shit on the ‘homework’ machine


Kids shouldn’t be allowed on internet they don’t do homework they just go on social media,get them some encyclopedia’s instead :rofl:


Literally all the 13 year old’s and the majority of my 10 year olds homework is google docs based.

Father in law sent some over, its like ancient scrolls, some of the stuff in there, and a lot of it is most likely liable in todays modern huggy feely (snowflake) culture ;o)


Well would you Adam and Eve it…


morning all So I’m trying to figure out why the i2 when on the latest fw would give a message incompatible modules when the NFZ data base had been removed so clearly it’s to do with DJI locking everything down on the latest versions, we rolled back the fw to before the anti roll back was introduced and the i2 was unlocked from incompatible module lock down.
We have precise flysafe database at 00000 but app and basic database didn’t zero out when removing precise data base could anyone shed some light on this ? One of the pictures is off here with the data base at zero and the other is my fw versions . Any help would be appreciated.