How to tell if you are in CE or FCC power mode using GO4

A question that’s been asked many a time, by myself included, is ‘How can I actually tell if my FCC mod has worked?

When modding GO4 I personally have always been a little bit suspicious of the deejayeye-modder FCC patch. Mainly because there’s nothing to ‘see’, it’s not a tangible setting that has any visuals within GO4 to show whether the hack has actually worked or not.

Today, while reading up on Inspire parameter hacks over on retroroms I stumbled upon this little gem of wisdom which I thought I’d share here.

To find out if you’re running in FCC mode, start your Mavic Pro and controller, and launch your app. I’m assuming you’re running 4.1.22 for the purposes of this, menu options may have moved in other versions but the principal should be the same.

Then once you’re in your app:

  1. Click the three ‘…’ dots in the top right corner
  2. Click ‘HD’
  3. Click ‘Image Transmission State’

You’ll see a graph screen similar to this:

Here lies the secret…

See the thin line running across the graph, towards the ‘~1km’ marking on the right hand side?

Well, if your thin line is placed higher up than the -90dBm (approx -88dBm) then you are flying in FCC mode.

If your thin line is lower than the -90dBm marker (approx -91dBm) then you are flying in CE mode.

To be clear, here’s the line you’re looking for. In this image we are flying with FCC power output, because the thin line is at the -88dBm level:


And for further clarity, in this image we are flying with CE power output, because the thin line is at the -91dBm point:

This may work on other models too, but I’ve only tested it on the Mavic Pro.


Ill give this a try Rich and report back. Cheers!

Ok, checked my IPad mini 4 on 4.1.3 with config mod.

With drone disconnected the line is below -90dBm so CE mode.

With MP connected

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Is FCC worth doing, whats the benefits ??

Excellent :+1:

Can’t believe how long we’ve been hacking these drones and apps to within an inch of their lives, and we’re only finding out how to visualise this parameter now :blush:

I’m probably very biased, but yes :+1:

The benefits are an increase in transmitter power, and therefore increased range and signal quality.

OK so im (sorry) iPhone 7 IOS, seems I need an android device to make it happen ??

Tell me about it!

This and the tip from @Andy_B yesterday have definitely taken a lot of the guess work out of it.

I’m sure it’s possible with iOS too mate, but I’m not that up on Apple stuff these days, I heard references to ‘Charles proxy’ but it’s not something I’m familiar with.

Fire up a new thread and pose the question @stevedevil - someone here is bound to know :smiley:

I’ve got it on my ipad mini 4 but it is a lot more work.

You need to downgrade app version before you can apply a config file.

You may also need to downgrade AC firmware although i’m not entirely sure of this as I don’t use current firmware.

Start up a new thread if your interested and Ill see if I can dig out the instructions I used.